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All About Cedar Park’s Thanksgiving Day 5K

So what’s in your plans for Thursday, November 23 – also known as Thanksgiving? Well, sure, there’s the Turkey Dinner but that’s not until later in the afternoon. What are you doing that morning? You might be interested in the Cedar Park Thanksgiving Day 5K marathon is all.

Located at 200 Gupton Way Drive in Cedar Park (obviously!), there are five events you can participate in. All of them are in the morning so you’ll be home for Turkey with time to spare – and think how great it’ll be that you’ve earned every single bite of Turkey, Mash Potatoes, Mac & Cheese and everything else piled on to your dinner table.

The entire family is welcome and packet pickup is on the Wednesday, Nov 22nd from 1pm-6pm in the community rooms at the Cedar Park Recreation Center. So what are the events happening at the Cedar Park Thanksgiving Day 5K? We thought you’d never ask.

There are five separate events in total. The Timed Turkey begins at 9am (and runs, pun intended, until 11am). Tickets are $30. Then there’s the Timed Hunter, a race that starts at 10:15am and goes until 11am. Tickets for this are also $30. For $28, you can choose the Untimed Turkey which goes from 9am-11am and for the same price you can choose the Untimed Hunter which also runs from 9am-11am. If the kids are interested in participating, then there’s the Kids K, for $15, which runs from 10:15am-11am.

At the end of the day, all proceeds are going directly to charity and this year, the Cedar Park Blue Santa program is set to benefit – or, more specifically, kids are as they want your unwrapped toys and donations. They’re trying to achieve a total of one thousand dollars and, at the time of writing, are currently at $305 so even if you don’t want to run, please click here and make a donation in any amount. You’ll be making the holidays for people who are suffering – and that’s what the holidays are truly all about.

Have a great Thanksgiving!



Best Coffee In Cedar Park Texas

Cedar Park is filled with so many coffee shops that we’re almost spoiled for choice. But which ones are the best ones – the ones we should be spending our time and money at? We’ve got all the answers in our brand new blog, the Best Coffee in Cedar Park.

We’ll kick it off with the Red Horn Coffee House and Brewing Company over at 13010 W. Parmer Lane. Open seven days a week (check their website for hours), Red Horn is known for both their coffee and their beer but today we’re focusing on the coffee. They roast their own beans and, because they’re roasted in smaller batches, it’s always fresh which you can also enjoy in the outdoor patio area too if you prefer (and weather permitting). The range of coffee on offer here is impressive too, and you can drink it in a quirky casual vibe. You can find espresso-based drinks, pour-overs, drip and also Chemix; so much that you’ll be coming back time and time again to try different items.

You can also try the sumptuous Cypress Creek Coffee Company over at 2100 Cypress Creek Road and open seven days a week from 6am-8pm. You’ll find organic locally roasted beans here from the Texas Coffee Traders and they’re all awesome in their own way. We sampled the dirty chai which was probably the best we’ve ever had. It’s one of Cedar Park’s greatest secrets so don’t tell everyone or it’ll be overrun – but you should definitely head over there sooner rather than later. There’s also free wifi on hand but bring a book.

Has anyone checked out the Lola Savannah Coffee Lounge? Located at 1310 E. Whitestone Blvd, they have four locations and import their beans then roasted in Houston. We sampled the Texas Pecan (which is actually roasted with pecans) which was outrageously good. They also serve up amazing pastries too and the staff is extremely friendly.

Hopefully these three choices narrow down your options as they’re each a really great place for a coffee. Cedar Park has so many great coffee shops but start with these three first!