Best Organic Grocery Stores in Austin

Organic Grocery Store

Looking for the best spot to buy fresh, organic produce and gourmet foods? Explore Austin’s top organic groceries and find your new favorite healthy food hub.

Wheatsville Food Co-op

On Guadalupe Street, you will find this absolute haven for organic eating. With their handmade sausages, fresh bread, and a wide selection of house made vegan treats, Wheatsville Food Corp combines the handcrafted feel of a mom and pop grocery store with all of the necessaries for stocking up your fridge.  Beloved by vegans for its diverse selection of products —and their deli’s incredible popcorn tofu— this is a one stop shop for healthy shoppers.

Natural Grocers

If you want organic produce at affordable prices, a trip to Natural Grocers on Mo-Pac Expressway needs to be on your shopping list. Well-stocked with a large vitamin and beauty section, Natural Grocers is popular for its friendly, helpful staff and its organic produce with everything from herbs and seasonal fruits and veggies to milk from grass-fed cows. This quiet little shop is a local hidden jewel.

Central Market

Central Market on North Lamar Blvd. has a strong community vibe, from its patio seating and café to its playground for the kids. Shopping at Central Market means having access to an extensive selection of wine, organic produce and freshly prepared food. Their bulk spices section is the perfect place to start experimenting with new flavors in the kitchen. Check their website for upcoming events like live music and wine tastings.

Rabbit Food Grocery

Rabbit Food Grocery in South Austin is the ultimate vegan grocery store. If you’re vegan, or shopping for a vegan friend, this is the place to go. With delicious vegan cookie dough, chocolate, and snacks like vegan twinkies, and a beautiful selection of vegan gifts, shoppers can grab treats that are simply unavailable in more mainstream stores.