The Best Museums to Visit in Austin

Austin is loaded with amazing culture and that includes some amazing museums. But which ones are the best? We thought you’d never ask! That’s why we put together this blog of the best museums to visit in Austin.

Let’s start at the Mexic-Arte Museum. The Mexic-Arte experience begins before you walk in the door, with its north wall lined with murals that celebrate Latino figures and iconography. That mission to showcase traditional and contemporary Mexican and Latino art and culture continues inside the historic building, with wooden planked floors that squeak pleasingly underfoot. Mexic-Arte’s curators comfortably straddle a commitment to old and new, with an annual exhibition devoted to emerging talent and an all-inclusive back gallery space devoted to community projects.

Next up, we strongly suggest you head to the Blanton Museum of Art. Set at the south corner of the University of Texas campus, the Blanton Museum of Art blends in beautifully with the classical architecture, and the effect carries over into the museum’s interior. The ground-floor atrium houses Teresita Fernández’s permanent wall installation, “Stacked Waters” – 950m of shimmering stripes of blue. Close your eyes, and you’d swear you could hear the Mediterranean lapping softly, but you’ll want to keep them open to take in the Blanton’s impressive collection. The two-story main building includes wings devoted to European paintings (with an emphasis on Renaissance and Baroque art), modern American and Latin American Art, and contemporary art.

Also on our list of the best museums to visit in Austin is the Harry Ransom Center. The first-floor gallery rotates materials from the archive – recent shows include a retrospective on futurist Norman Bel Geddes and a photographic history of basketball – while permanent exhibits include a complete Gutenberg Bible, the first-ever photograph, a chronicle of the Center’s first 50 years, and a regularly updated showcase of books based on HRC research materials.

Finally, the Mondo Gallery makes our list. You won’t find Mondo’s name on its Hyde Park storefront, just its distinctive serpentine insignia, which seems rather fitting for the gallery arm of the Austin-born-and-bred Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, regularly named the “coolest movie theatre in America.” You can cross the length of this converted bungalow inside of a minute, but genre film lovers will want to linger at Mondo’s mix of archival movie posters and limited-edition screen prints that put new spins on pop culture.

You can find even more amazing options for the best museums to visit in Austin here. So what are you waiting for? Get out and drink in some of the most amazing culture we have right here in Austin!