Valentine’s Day in Austin, TX

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Valentine’s Day is on the way. It’s time ready your quiver and take aim at the perfect romantic evening.


Austin’s offerings of venues are as quirky and diverse as the city herself. Pay attention! Take notes! Here are the best Valentine’s Day options in Austin.




An evening out in Austin hardly gets better than Whistler’s. The rustic-chic atmosphere and craft cocktails are sure to lend sparks to new encounters or long-smoldering affairs. And if that weren’t enough to catalyze some chemistry, their annual Valentine’s Day Celebration is among the best in Austin.


Whistler’s Valentine’s Day Celebration includes live music, drink specials and a sultry burlesque show. Flowers, candles and chocolate come with the table. This place does Valentine’s Day the way that Texas does everything: bigger and better than everyone else!     




A night at the movies always makes a great date. And Alamo Drafthouse Cinema brings more to bear than your average grindhouse. They boast the best film, food and drink all in one seat. The vibe makes it clear these guys love movies, with good beer and eats coming in a close second and third! Menu items like chilaquiles and a jerk chicken sandwich that would light up the marquee of any local restaurant are only one third of the fun at this place.


Alamo’s Valentine’s Day package features a special screening of cuddly classics like “Titanic.” The special dinner draws inspiration from the evening’s feature—a Jocón-style braised chicken entree accompanied a Valentine’s Day screening of “The Birdcage.”  




You don’t have to go far to get away in cozy little Austin. Lakeway Resort and Spa offers packages for advanced romantical tactics for when you’re ready to take your game to the next level. “Love on the Lake” includes champagne, chocolates and breakfast on the lake. The late 1:30 pm checkout means your amorous activities can run as late as you like. The “Lakeway Romance” package comes with chocolate covered strawberries and a breakfast buffet!


It’s cuffing season in the Lone Star State. Show your significant other just how significant they are with a romantic evening out in Austin!